What is Direct?

A stand-alone business to business textbook marketplace bringing together the biggest buyers, suppliers, and available inventories.
Eliminate high seller fees and cut out other marketplace middlemen: Go Direct!

Our Features

Private B2B

Direct has partnered with some of the largest and most trusted book sellers to establish a strong , reliable network of merchants.

Inventory Access

Direct can be integrated with inventory management software to provide a continuous sync of product inventories. The Direct marketplace provides exclusive access to products from the largest seller inventories in the industry.

Deal In Bulk

Drive savings to marketplace merchants through bulk listings and bulk buys. Lower your acquisition cost and reduce fees with high-volume orders.


Designed to cover shipping costs as opposed to generate additional profit, Direct offers a fixed rate on single items, or volume discounts on bulk orders.

Our Process

Upload Wantlists

For buyers, simply upload current Wantlists to source with ease. For sellers, instantly list product on Direct using the Direct application or through your integration.

Review Prices

Buyers: Your Wantlists details how much of your order is met at your current bidding limit with unit-by-unit pricing information. Sellers: Your inventory's prices can be constantly updated to keep pace with the market.

Process Orders

Buyers: Your Wantlist is processed in just a few clicks. Sellers: Your inventory fulfills orders of all sizes in a simple, organized process powered by Direct.

Receive Inventory

Small and high volume orders are shipped at your preferred speed and delivered on your terms. As new inventory is received, rest assured that all product is guaranteed. Have an issue with an order? Our Direct Support team is ready to assist!

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